Our story

Bonhomie was formed in Helsinki by a group of designers whose desire for basic casual shirts made from high quality materials long went unsatisfied.

Until we decided to make them ourselves.

With a background in visual design complemented by our cultural inclination towards clean, modest attire, we combined our expertise with that of Italian premium fabric makers and experienced tailors to produce a range of smart shirts with a casual, contemporary feel.

Our Nordic heritage lends itself to a more understated profile, so we aimed to create honest, everyday basics with respect towards simplicity, function and high quality natural materials.

After years of visiting Parisian fabric fairs, Italian mills and shirt-makers in Estonia and Portugal, we feel we’ve found the right blend of experience to produce shirts that could easily be the best you’ve had so far.

We believe that shirts are meant to last, but they are also meant to be worn. No matter how expensive or resilient they may be, eventually all become tarnished by red wine, sweaty summers, rolled sleeves or the ruby red slicks from the lipstick of a lover. Thus paying considerable sums from a simple shirt does not make the wisest investment.

Our business relies on selling online rather than through large group of retailers or agents. This translates to premium shirts from high-end materials at reasonable prices to you.